Work in progresstree

15.01.2024, 11.33
Chat is back again!

After a brief hiatus the site chat is online again with a new refreshed look.

10.12.2023, 10.15
New look

Gave the site a new look. The title is 3d and look at the colors!

25.08.2023, 10.16
More stuff

The prototype-version of my first commercial game Xmas Game has been added to the stuff-section. Check it out.

22.08.2023, 11.57
Site updated

Took some time to finally update the site. Check things out!

19.04.2020, 10.11
Chat released!

Chat is now ready. Stay awhile and chat away!

09.04.2020, 11.18
New site feature!!

I am making a new Chat-feature to the site. Soon it will be available and it will be awesome.

19.02.2019, 08.52
Stuff section updated!

The site is progressing nicely. Poop Sewer version 0.9.3 added to stuff section. :))))

23.01.2019, 01.09
First news!

Site will be ready soon. Stay tuned!